UKG Granddaughter Christmas Card


Sold out


9” X 6”
(Standard Letter)


Message inside reads 
“ever since he was very small, Rudolph had dreamed of one day helping to pull Santa’s sleigh... now we all know Santa sees everything and because Rudy was such a good little reindeer he decided to make his wish come true so, he put it on his ‘to do’ list along with all the other wishes... while the bigger reindeer were getting ready for the magical flight, Rudolph tried to join in with their chatter and clatter... but they just ignored him. Poor Rudy felt ever so sorry for himself, and when the big night came it seemed that even Santa was too busy to remember Rudy’s special wish... but Santa hadn’t forgotten. Now as you may have noticed Rudolph’s nose was rather bright and Santa pulled a shiny new bell from his sack... Rudolph’s Christmas wish had come true... granddaughter hope all yours do too.”